Thursday, March 13, 2008

Best TV Theme Songs Ever

Aaron at Geek in the City recently posted a top 10 list of TV's best theme songs. I was instantly inspired to remember some of my favorites and am now compelled to add them to his list. This isn't a counter argument, mind you -- just a suggested addendum to the ever expanding annals of pop culture trivia:

5. The Monkees: The Monkees may have been (and still are) a pop culture underdog, perpetually trapped in the shadow of the Beatles that inspired them, but no other TV theme goes to such great lengths to identify its title characters: "Hey, hey, WE'RE THE MONKEES . . . in case you didn't know what show you were watching."

4. The A-Team: The perfect combination of '80s synth and guitar rock, the A-Team theme song is a virtual audio onslaught, crudely constructed by trash cans, air conditioning tubes, and a blow torch. (I'll even except the weak season five remix, if I have to.)

3. The Greatest American Hero: "Believe It Or Not" is one part superhero anthem, one part inspirational melody, encouraging everyone to embrace the alien supersuit in us all. You're your OWN instructional manual, kid . . .

2. Gilligan's Island: The Gilligan's Island theme song is darn near perfect: it catches you up on the series' concept and pilot episode, then dutifully introduces its diverse list of protagonists. It's like every episode is the FIRST episode! Lost could learn a thing or two from this inaugural island TV adventure: "Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful plane/That fell onto a mysterious island, where it always seemed to rain . . . The smoke monster was getting rough, the" -- Well, you get the idea. YOU cram all three seasons into a 45 second song.

1. All in the Family: "Those were the days" . . . when racially charged humor and political satire didn't evoke whiny protests but actually inspired national discourse, even when it was perceived for what it REALLY was -- a classic old "da-da" comedy.

Honorable Mention: Friends' "I'll Be There for You." If anybody says they don't do that obligatory hand-clap after "So no one told you life was gonna be this way," he's a liar. C'mon, you did it just NOW.

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Trinity said...

I agree with The Greatest American Hero song. Also add in the Andy Grifith Show because if someone starts whistling that you can't help but finish it.