Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Banditos = Perfect Song

I hope I'm not the first geek to confess that I think the Refreshments' "Banditos" is an absolutely perfect song. A quick deconstruction of its lyrics reveals why:

1. First of all, "Banditos" is a narrative. It's telling a story about a modern day Bonnie and Clyde, but apparently the Bonnie is having second thoughts about their thoroughly planned bank robbery. The first verse, an acoustic set-up, was almost written before its time, suggesting the two characters talk about their plan over a cup of coffee a good five years before talk of such heists were commonplace at Starbucks across America.

2. Also, "Banditos" is a love story. According to the second verse, these two would-be masterminds are in this thing together, a bond that apparently no one can deny them. Play this song for that special someone next Valentine's Day. Thank me later.

3. Additionally, "Banditos" is an action story. By the time the third verse begins, the song has been kicked into high gear and the lead singer is practically yelling at his audience, as if we were just a few quick strides away from jumping through the get-away car window ourselves. I've never put sugar in an enemy's gas tank before, but I'd imagine the outcome wouldn't be that sweet.

4. Finally, that famous bridge and catchy chorus. "So give your ID card to the border guard/Now your alias says your Captain Jean-Luc Picard/Of the United Federation of Planets/'Cause he won't speak English anyway" is the "to be, or not to be" of the modern generation. I'm not sure if the card/guard/Picard rhyme classifies this verse as a Shakespearean couplet, but it's close. Also, the examination of our country's weak border policy is timelessly relevant. Then you have that reference to Star Trek -- which, I imagine, you'd think is the whole reason I like this song in the first place. Nay, 'tis rather simply the piece de resistance.

If you don't have this song on your playlist, you're denying yourself an audible treat. Download it today -- illegally. That's just the spirit of the song, man.


Ann Onymous said...

Just came across your blog while trying to find a karaoke version of this song. Must say I agree 100% with everything said and would like to add one more thing... the song is just plain fun. Put it on in the morning when you don't feel like going to work, listen to it when you have an argument with someone, when you're sitting in 'stopped dead' rush hour traffic. I guarantee you can't help but smile! ;-)

egieling said...

I have to I have been listening to that song since I have been in high school! I have a many a memories listening to that cd! I even had song #4 (Mekong) as my message on my answering machine during my college days! Not only is it the perfect geek song... But I think that you missed one big KEY element to that song! Of all the things you hit, I can't believe that you of all people would miss this one. You forgot about the line the "Put the suger in the tank of the sheriffs car" Classic school yard prank that all geeks would love to do to the bully in their lives. But I would take it a step further and say that it could to be one of the best cds for a geek life sound track.

Thank about it the cd walks you through a whole arrange of emotions. You have a love story in song 3 you have the what the heck did I get myself into in song 1. You have the lets talk about old times over a bottle of booze in song 4. You have the no matter what I do I am just never cool enough lifestyle in song 10... Plus many many more great lines and songs on that CD! Man oh man I think I am gonna cut out of work early and drive around town with my windows down trying to find hot senoritas, and a cantina and drink warm beer!!

egieling said...

Also I can't beleive I forgot this statment about them as well... As if that songs isn't one of the best geek songs... They also carry that anthem over the King of the Hill theme song!!

Bobby! What in the Hell!

egieling said...

I know this is an old post and you have moved way past this topic but I was thinking about the idea of the perfect geek song. Where as I love The Refreshments and you make some strong points about them having a good geek theme song, I have been having this internal debate about this. I have been thinking about the idead of a geek theme song, what do I think of when I think of geek. Yes, Star Trek does come to mind, but really I am thinking of 12 sided die, D&D, maybe some 80's glam rock, and of course Geek Rock! Now what group termed Geek Rock... I know you are thinking, "Eric what group termed Geek Rock". Well let me tell you! Weezer, now I know a lot of people are not Weezer fans, but hear me out Especially you Karaoke Boy! The song "In the Garage" speaks about all of that and even plays to the idea of being lonely in the garage and hanging out in a damp and cold spot. Waiting for your mother to come and get you. The singer of the songs seems to be proud about the new 12 sided di that he just got and how he is looking through is D&D Masters guide. He also seems to be hiding in the garage because he feels that no one will bother him there, his only little fortress of solitude. With all that and the idea that Weezer introduced geek rock to us... I think they deserve a little shout out to the idea of being a good if not better song for the geek theme! But that is just me and this is your blog, which means if I made to strong of a case you might not post it, but if it is too weak then you probably won't respond. My guess is that you probably wouldn't respond anyways since this topic is about 4 months old.