Tuesday, October 30, 2007

McCoffee Oasis

McDonald's in Arizona, and most likely many other markets around the country, are offering iced flavored coffees on their menu, and when I was in the Valley a few weekends ago, I sampled their hazelnut blend. It was sweet and syrupy, but the potential for a tasty morning pick-me-up was evident under the artificial flavoring. Of course, Burger King has a similar iced coffee treat, their BK Joe, which seems to favor a powdered permeation, but again the effort is valiant, if hopefully only foundational.

What impresses about all of these drinks is the size. For two bucks, customers receive a hefty, I'm guessing twenty ounce coffee beverage. The BK Joe is in a deceptive narrow cup, but the McDonald's drinks were like Big Gulps, consuming our cup-holding console. I'm waiting for the caffeinated experiment to reach California in the hopes that the style meets the substance.

Between these iced coffees and their register jockeys actually mixing in cream and sugar to their regular blends, McDonald's is obviously attempting to conquer Starbucks' signature burnt-bean monopoly with customer service and convenience. What's next, a sidekick for the Hamburgler dubbed the Baristoolie? It's barista and stoolie put together, and . . .

Never mind.

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