Monday, September 10, 2007

Love is a battlefield.

Damn you, Tod Parkhill!

I've had the idea for a few months now. "Karaoke Comics," I'd call it. "I draw the songs you request." Like karaoke, my interpretation would be distinctly my own, just, in this case, visual rather than audible. Really, Karaoke Comics would combine my two most favorite performing arts (please don't make me explain why comics are a performance art) while conveniently handling the writing portion of the process. Pure visual, most often surreal, reincarnations of songs.

(Hey, it's either Karaoke Comics, or my other make believe venture, the Karaoke Strip Club, "where they dance to the songs you sing!")

Then, in his third of 52 comic challenges, Tod Parkhill reaches right into my brain and in three little words swipes my idea: "Draw a song." As soon as I saw it, I thought, "Yeah, I'm getting to it!" A guy on ComicSpace playfully requested "Love is a Battlefield" some months ago (in the e-mail that inspired it all, really), so I've had this bar scene-turned-war idea floating around my noggin since. Here it is, in all of its sketched glory. It wasn't going to get much farther beyond this stage, so I figured I best throw it up here and move on.

Also, again, I drew this strip on larger paper, but this time the professional comics size (12" x 15" or something like that), so while I was able to scan each page entirely in two pages, I couldn't escape that messy seam in the middle. It adds character, right? Right? Well, since I love comics, it makes sense that making them would prove to be something of a battle.

Because, you know. Love is a battlefield. (Tod, Corey, you owe me another night of karaoke for this.)


Kat said...

HAHA that's great.... oh so funny you are Mr. K.

Andrew Wales said...

Dude, this is awesome! This assignment is perfect for you. Very enjoyable read!