Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Funday

On Sunday Funday, I post whatever I want -- usually a collection of inspirations and finished projects from the previous week.  To wit:

Here's a detail from the latest comic strip I posted on Nerdvana.  Yes, that's Zombie Santa vs. Baby New Year 2012 (who's not quite a baby anymore, since this takes place on New Year's Eve, his last day alive).  You can read the free, fully-colored three pager here -- what a great way to celebrate Little Christmas today!

Ah, and since today is Little Christmas, you should read my buddy Brent's The Twelve Murders of Christmas series on his blog.  It's the best holiday noir you'll find this century.

Also, I dig Marc Maron's podcast WTF, and his latest episode is an interview with Michael Keaton.  MK dishes on his origins in stand-up comedy, and most notably his experience as Batman, from preparing for the role to turning down the third film.  Highly recommended: click here to listen.

Finally, speaking of Batman, the two DC comics I still read came out this week: Batman, Incorporated and Batman Beyond Unlimited.  BBU's lead story, about the Jokerz gang conquering Gotham, is remarkably similar to Grant Morrison's latest chapter in his Batman, Inc./Leviathan saga.  Both feature a Gotham City in flames, by the hands of a criminal mob lead by a protege of a classic villain, while Batman leads a motley crew to save the day.  In both issues, Batman gets beat up a lot, too, which should make his triumph even sweeter.  Again, highly recommended.

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