Monday, January 21, 2013

Monkee Monday

I love the Monkees.  Always have, always will.  I have a few issues of the London fanzine Monkees Monthly, and they're littered with these hilarious little comics.  I hope Beat Publications doesn't mind if I share them, because I think they're hilarious.

Mike Raxworthy is credited as the zine's art editor, so I tip my wool hat to you here, Sir.

NOTE: This comic is a personal favorite because it collides two of my favorite childhood memories: the Monkees and Batman.  I always assumed the Monkees existed in the DC Universe.  First of all, the Penguin appeared in the Monkees TV show . . . and, the Monkeemen made a cameo in the dark future DC tale Kingdom Come.  Look it up!

Also, if you couldn't tell, this two-panel gag is surrounded by Monkee fan pen pal requests.  If you want to drop them a line, some of them might still be game.

Copyright Raybert Productions, Inc. 1967.  Trademark of Screen Gem Inc.

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