Monday, May 23, 2011

The Sky Cake is Falling!

Say what you will about the crazy media coverage surrounding Pastor Harold Camping's prophecy about Judgement Day, but the fervor indicates a genuine interest in spiritual matters in America, and a base desire to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Of course, if I were still an avid church-goer, I'd be righteously outraged that the very concept of the Rapture inadvertently became the country's punchline for a week, but where there's satire, there's a chance to share some truth, too. For me, the truth is we're all looking to the sky for something. Patton Oswalt calls it sky cake. I say it's a need to rise above our circumstances to be a part of something greater than what's just plum around us. Maybe you'll find it in church. Maybe you'll find it in art. Just find it. Quick! -- because if you don't, and judgement day really comes sometime soon, your most harsh judge will be yourself, with a gavel of regret.

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