Friday, February 19, 2010

Vs. Current Events #5: The League of Outed Unfaithful Spouses!

Did you know Tiger Woods held a press conference this morning and made a public apology for his marital transgressions? I don't know if it made headlines. Even less public is this meeting of the League of Outed Unfaithful Spouses (L.O.U.S.) that was held last night. Fortunately, someone chronicled the whole thing in comic strip form.

Okay, seriously, I cranked this out last night/this morning to beat the press conference, and I had some fun with my new pens and markers in the meantime. I was going for that old Cracked magazine watercolor look. No need to beat me over the head about it -- oh, what?! Too soon?


johnny_justice said...

Who's that guy at the bottom right of the table?

KaraokeFanboy said...

Supposed to be John Edwards. My caricatures suck sometimes.