Thursday, April 9, 2009

This Savage Fanboy

Erik Larsen ran my letter in the latest issue of Savage Dragon.

I've been collecting comics for almost 20 years, and though I've written to a favorite title once or twice, I've never seen my name in print like this. Larsen has been my favorite artist from day one, and his Savage Dragon, a cornerstone series in my collection.

On Sunday, when I saw my pictures on TMZ, I felt like I'd achieved every level of giddy fanboy glee possible. After a day like today, I know I was wrong to think that. Meeting Erik at Comic Con this year and getting this issue signed . . . could be the beat all.

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egieling said...

what happen to the glorious plan of tping meatloaf or betty white's house as one of your personal goals. Speaking of being a friend... I didn't know where else to post this... but did you hear about Bea Arthur passing away... sad day for the small screen. which also means an end to the fem-puter as well! if you don't know look it up!