Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Vs. Current Events #2: Rush to Judgment!

Last weekend, Rush Limbaugh gave a speech that has sparked controversy about his role as the voice of the Republican party. In short, Rush has publicly expressed that he hopes President Obama fails -- pretty much at everything. The thing is, however you feel about Obama, the anomaly of his race and his well spoken demeanor has brought the kind of celebrity to politics that has attracted the interest and excitement of younger, presumably previously apathetic voters. You can disagree with him, but to hope for outright failure? Nothing will alienate that generation more than partisan politics as usual. Three years ago, Republican pundits were claiming that the Democratic party was dead in the water; now that the roles are reversed, the GOP should follow the Dems' example and find some fresh blood. Ironically, Rush threatens to slow their resurrection down.

Incidentally, I feel compelled to explain this comic, as the few people that read it before this post failed to grasp the punchline without some conversation. Basically, Rush realizes that having a deadline inspires him to produce his best work yet, coincidentally about a speech against Obama's withdrawal from Iraq deadline. I know Republicans have expressed concern with publicizing a withdrawal date, because it empowers terrorists to think ahead, like, "America's out of here August 21? Let's attack on August 22!" Yet, any procrastinating college student knows how one can produce their best work against a deadline. If our military marketed this pull-out plan effectively, it would exude the kind of confidence that elicits fear. The message shouldn't be, "We're out by August 21," rather, "We'll be done with you by August 21 -- and we're going to leave some troops behind to make sure you stay down."

From an artistic standpoint, this "Vs. Current Events" series is fun, because its reactionary tone toward news demands an immediacy in production. If I don't finish it within a day of its inspiration, it's outdated, so I'm forced to draw it, post it, and be done with it. I'm enjoying the use of shading, too, which is something I've never tried before. It distracts from some of my imperfect inking and adds an independent quality I dig. Of course, I think I overindulged in this sophomore effort (resulting in poor resolution on my lettering), so we'll see what the next headline brings. Rush would attest -- projects like this are about finding your voice. Fortunately, in this case, I can speak for myself.


ecrunner said...

This whole "Rush wants Obama to fail" shit needs to stop. Not only is it old (as in a long time ago), but Rush himself has corrected and clarified what he meant.... my goodness, it never ends.

ecrunner said...

And on another note... don't compare something as trivial as a college paper to our country. I have turned in several papers at the last minute that were far under par.

johnny_justice said...

Manufactured controversy.

Rush is happy to have the controversy to drive up ratings. I'll bet Obama is equally happy to have something stupid like this distracting everybody from thinking about the real crap that is going on, to protect against falling approval.

KaraokeFanboy said...

ECRunner, please don't visit my blog and tell me what I can't do. You can reference my post in your blog and say it there, but I don't come to your house and tell you I don't like the color of the drapes.

Can you point me to Rush's clarifications of his statement? My strip was making light of his comments at the CPAC Convention on February 28, 2009. Did he say something different more recently? Is a week ago "too old" to discuss? Are we that jaded by the 24-hour news cycle?

Yes, our country's safety is incomparable to a college paper, or a speech -- just as the stimulus bill is much more wide-sweeping than the shooting of a rabid monkey. It's just an analogy to explain my point, and I guess it wasn't clear. See, it wasn't your working on the paper at the last minute that made the essay under par. It was that you didn't use your time wisely between the assignment and its deadline. Working to a deadline doesn't prohibit quality work -- it often encourages it. The issue isn't in the when, or even the what, but the how.

John is right -- Rush is a glorified wrestler, now pointing his finger at Obama and challenging him to the ring. "I want you, brother!" Because Obama behind the golden microphone will actually accomplish something, right? Would anybody actually change their mind after a Rush/Obama debate?

Brent said...

Another timely comic with plenty of comedy. Well done, friend. Keep them coming! Also, in my opinion tight deadlines often produce the best work from the most talented people, and the worst work from the least prepared. A deadline on America will prove our mettle. And controversy is what makes our nation tick. The more the better. The worst thing that can happen in America is for everyone to agree. Ironically, we should all agree on that.