Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Karaoke Chronicles: A Russmas Reminiscence with Eric Gieling

If you'd allow me a brief interlude to my Russmas night reviews, my friend and longtime karaoke partner Eric Gieling became the Ghost of Russmas Past a few posts ago when he commented with this reminiscent list of old on and off stage memories! A true gift, I just had to share, albeit edited for spelling and grammar. Sure, these are just mentions of stories and not the torrid tales themselves, but perhaps they'll serve to foreshadow Karaoke Chronicles of the future! Let the rant begin . . .

Man, if only I was a little closer to help celebrate the 12 nights of Russmas, a traditional that happens to have started after I moved away! So are the days of my life! On the origin story of the Kopa (according to my drunken foggy memory): I actually went bowling there one night and poked my head in what seemed to be the hot spot of the place . . . and like a light shinning on the Holy Grail . . . I think I heard angels sing and say, "When you turn 21 come back and enjoy this Garden of Eden!"

But 12 Days of Russmas deserves a top 12 memories of Karaoke events. Since I can't celebrate I might as well share:

12. Karaoke singing at a pizza place with a little girls soccer team hogging the machine and signing Backstreet Boys!
11. First experience at Dimples where we got black-listed because "Man in the Mirror" was not hip enough for this swanky Hollywood crowd!
10. Mary! Every karaoke guy's dream girl . . . although I am sure she got around she never came and talked to us.
9. The egg! If you don't know . . . well, you don't want to!
8. The Drew Carey lookalike fight! Almost . . . I did think that he was going to at least punch someone!
7. Dimples, the second go around. Getting a picture with a group of strangers and the owner buying us a round of drinks. I would say that you could dub that night "Russmpire Strikes Back!" (Russ's note: "The Eric-mpire Strikes Back" makes more sense to me!)
6. Takes us back to Dimples, where we get to see Def Leopard sing "Pour Some Sugar on Me" live.
5. Ahh, the Kopa Room. So many memories can't believe it took till #5 to get on the list. Do I go with the Mexican Eminem or the guy who played the sax while you sang "Careless Whisper?" (Russ's note: I'd go with the deaf guy that sang "Lean On Me.")
4. Is the Kopa Room again. Where else can you convince two German Girls to sing "99 Luft Balloons" while you have a cougar gyrate on you during the song? (Russ's note: Only in America, that's where.)
3. Sideburns! I shaved my too! (Russ's note: Uhm, mine grew back. You can't fight who you are?)
2. Gay Spice. How can one forget Gay Spice! Man, oh, man how that brings back the memories! You would have thought that would have been the #1 memory, and it is, but I'd just like to add this last one in there for laughs!
1. Our free drink of fresh 2% milk. Wow, I have never been to a place where "Piano Man" has captivated a bar and encouraged people to come in from outside!

So there you have it, my top 12 memories of Russ and me singing karaoke!

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