Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Russmas

In many ways, I am the most self-indulgent person I know. My apartment is a virtual museum of me -- sure, everybody's residence is a virtual museum of him, but if I could place every trinket and memento in a labeled glass case, like the Batcave or Superman's Fortress of Solitude, I would. Then I'd give tours. Until then . . . I have three active blogs, with another on the horizon. I draw myself . . . all the time. Really, if the general public was interested in a comic book starring me with a me sidekick fighting an evil version of me, I'd be a millionaire. Then, when Hollywood would decide to adapt my comic to film, I'd play as me. I'm familiar with the role.

Keep in mind, "self-indulgent" does not mean arrogant, or egotistic. Like I said, I'm familiar with the role of me, complete with its faults and shortcomings. I'm just very comfortable in my life, pleased with what I've accomplished, and confident that I have interesting things to offer society in general. With that established, since my birthday is three days before Christmas, some years ago I decided to dub the day "Russmas." This year, I've decided to celebrate the 29th anniversary of my birthday with a "12 Days of Russmas" karaoke marathon.

Remember. Not arrogant. Just indulgent.

Uhm, I made a flyer.

I began Russmas prematurely this evening at my favorite local poetry reading, where I shared three pieces: "Superheroes, Strippers, and Gangsters," "Papa's Sweaters," and "Shut Up and Drive." I was the last open reader/poet-before-the-feature of the year, which was an honor, and made me think about what I'd fill the usual twenty minutes with if I were ever the feature of the night. It wouldn't be hard to find an array of personal favorites, from pieces I've written to that which has influenced me, though it wouldn't all be poetry. Once these 12 Days of Russmas are complete, I'll strive for that goal by 2010. A pre-30-years-old bucket list item, if you will.

So, my Southern California tour has already begun. If I could sit in my own front row, I would.

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