Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Centennial Post

Of course my one hundredth post would be my attempt to recommit to blogging, my umpteenth promise to myself to maintain a frequent, consistent record of my thoughts on all things personal and pop-cultural -- which I often exaggerate as unnecessarily personal, anyway. Consider the recent passing of Estelle Getty. While some might think of her death as frivolous pop culture trivia (not to mention long overdue, when one realizes that a Golden Girls reunion was still very much possible until Sunday night), I take it personally, since I've long deemed Getty one-fourth of television's second best comedic quartet.* The loss of even just one of them forever closes the book on that original dynamic and places a definitive sense of closure on Lifetime's enduring Golden Girls reruns. Knowing Getty is gone, the viewer can never imagine an epilogue to the ladies' cumulative story, at not one that isn't tainted with tragedy.

I felt much the same way when Universal Studios closed the Back to the Future ride. Sure, the BTTF films are the best, tidiest trilogy of all time (in my opinion), and a cinematic revisitation would only threaten such self-enclosed canon, but at least I could still visit Doc Brown's labs and face young Biff's rage if I jonesed an interactive addendum. Figures that, a week after the Simpsons ride opened and officially replaced the Time Travel Institute, Universal Studios' backlot burns down and takes the clock tower with it. Some things are best treasured in the past, I suppose . . .

No! See, near as I can figure, blogging exists as a form of time travel, not necessarily to the past or future, but in mere preservation of the present. How many thoughts do I wish I recorded these past few months? How many feelings was I afraid to share with this Google-happy world? Who cares? For every petty reservation, that's just one more personal moment lost in the ether of my fading, compartmentalizing memory. In other words, what was once so important that I wanted to blog it was just as easily forgotten, and I wish it wasn't so! I may not be as witty as one of the Golden Girls, but I'm entitled to my own reruns, yes? From my own lifetime? Ah, too much, but you know what I mean.

So, this Blogspot will continue to exist as a record of my impressions of all things pop culture. The more personal stuff is going up at my own LiveJournal, because I hate to have so many abandoned facets of my on-line personality. Damn Noisy Kids! will continue to chronicle the struggle of my working with youth in the context of an unnecessarily politically burdened non-profit organization. And A Comic A Day . . . will become something else. You'll see.

Or you won't. Remember. I'm not doing this for Fenster. I'm not doing it for you. I'm doing it for me. I'm going to finish this thing . . .

*I'm sorry, no one can top the Monkees. It's hereditary. And you're wrong! The Monkees will never die! **
** A riff from Grant Morrison's current "Batman: R.I.P." storyline, okay? A footnote for a footnote?! I love blogging!

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