Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Current Events Round-up: Commercial Appeal, Update

The Presidential Elections: Two more thoughts, both highly cynical and ignorant, yet therefore relevant to the current climate of political discourse . . . If Deep Space Nine and the U.S.S. Voyager were ready for a black and a woman leader, respectively, I think 21st century America is, too, but I'd like to see these headline-grabbing candidates run on something more than platitudes. Wil Wheaton, awesome blogger and insightful self-styled geek, referenced his poignant reasons for voting Obama, yet despite the Senator's moving statement, I see it as little more than the national equivalent of a Student Council campaign speech. "I will make every Friday pizza day in the cafeteria! I will permit hand-holding in the hallways! I will support weekly Senior ditch days . . . for everybody!" The whats are sweet, dangling carrots, but the hows are the most important part of the race. Of course, I know a speech about the lengths of policy-making would be boring, but, the bottom line is, despite Clinton's femininity and Obama's ethnicity, the pigeonhole of this election is age. Obama is younger, thus more capable of rallying hope and change. Hey, if it worked for Batman in Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Strikes Again, it works for me, I guess.

Still, if you're like me, your best option is to vote for the candidate capable of providing the theatre of pop culture the most entertainment, which is why California opted for Governor "Ahnold" lo those many years ago, I reckon. "Wouldn't it be cool if the Terminator were governor?" should have been his only campaign platform; it would have been just as effective, and less arduous than sneaking all of those old movie quotes into his speeches. Therefore, since I think the Clintons are the most entertaining in the underdog position, floundering for power rather than simply attaining and abusing it, Obama's my man. His youth and polished appearance might even elicit a blue dress-like scandal of his own someday. See, I knew the Kennedys would relate . . .

Heath Ledger: His cause of death has been revealed. It doesn't change anything. Perhaps he wasn't suicidal, but the means of his end were just as self-inflicted, by no control of the self-inflictor, I presume. Sounds like the guy just wanted a good night's sleep -- the kind of happiness money can't buy.

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