Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Surprisingly Cool

When I woke up
this morning
the sky was overcast
and the breeze was
surprisingly cool

so I excitedly pulled on
my favorite sweater
and walked to the corner
for a hot cup of coffee

and though it was fresh
from the pot
when it hit my tongue
I thought it tasted
surprisingly cool

so when I returned it
to the barista
I may not have had
the warmest tone of voice

but she offered me another
with an apology and a smile
in the heat of the moment
the way she reacted was
surprisingly cool

so I adjourned to the patio
to enjoy my morning brew
and watch the traffic
drive by briskly

and when the sun finally woke up
and stretched its yellow legs
I sipped my coffee and kept my sweater on
because they made me feel
surprisingly cool.

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