Monday, August 20, 2007

Top 10 Songs I'd Sing More Frequently If I'd Been Born a KaraokeFangirl:

10. "Ode to My Family," The Cranberries
9. "We Belong," Pat Benatar
8. "Let Go," Frou Frou
7. "No More I Love Yous," Annie Lennox
6. "Alone," Heart
5. "Didn't We Almost Have It All," Whitney Houston
4. "Jealousy," Natalie Merchant
3. "Fast Car," Tracy Chapman
2. "Again," Janet Jackson
1. "Stay," Lisa Loeb

Songs I Should Stop Singing Because I Definitely Wasn't Born a KaraokeFangirl:

3. "My Heart Will Go On," Celine Dion
2. "Touch Me in the Morning," Diana Ross
1. "2 Become 1," Spice Girls

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