Sunday, August 26, 2007


Drawing has always been My Great Challenge. Though I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, I've never felt satisfied with anything I've produced for myself. Sure, I can draw a pretty nice Spider-man vs. the Shocker for the kids at work, or a destined-to-be-treasured birthday card for my friends and family, but original comics? Like the ones I love to read? Forget it. I'm usually so discontent seconds after pencil hits paper that I never finish what I start. Enter Young American Comics' 52 Comic Challenges -- a different one to two page comic strip concept every week for a year. Surely, with a whole week to fret, I can complete one to two pages, eh? Especially this week, when the topic is to illustrate your exaggerated origin/super power. I love drawing myself! I do it all the time! Why not now, then, for public consumption? I don't know if I'll have the time and patience to crank out an installment every week, but my thanks to Tod and Corey Parkhill for helping me face one challenge, at least. It's always nice to remember where we really come from.

Incidentally, this page was drawn on one 12" x 18" sheet, which made it a bear to scan. Even Kinko's couldn't get it all, so the bottom inch of my strip is reconstructed through a few different image captures. If anyone has a suggestion about how to make this process a little easier, I'd appreciate it. I can really draw from your experience . . . Ouch.


Andrew Wales said...

Karaoke Fanboy,

I love your origin comic. As soon as I read it I immediately burst into song, "B-bbbbbaby you ain't seen nothin' yet (Bow!Bow!)"

Scanning is a bear for me too. I draw my page within an 11x17 image size, then reduce it on my school's copy machine to 8.5x12. Then I scan it on my scanner. I think I lose a little of the crispness of lines, but not too much.

I look forward to your future entries and invite you to check out my blog at

amyg said...

I like this one! "When the world needs a song terribly performed..." Good stuff. I forgot to check on the 52 week challenge when it started. I can't draw and have never done comics, but now I'll have a reason to start.

I'll be looking forward to see what you do for the future challenges.